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Ayyy long time no see, Deviantart! I hate being active on here because I do literally nothing, but I do check in once in a while.

So this my first journal since the one I posted at new years. How was everybody during those past six months? I hope you all were well and made it through school and all. I know some of my friends had a bit of a tough time. Luckily, my first year of high school wasn't complete shit like I thought it would be, and was actually kinda nice. Kinda. It was mostly bad I guess, but thats just coming from a shit like me who's still adjusting to the different setting. Thankfully I won't be at the bottom of the fishbowl come next school year.

Moving into high school is kinda like a slap in the face. You just kinda wake up to reality and leave that little dream world we've been in all through our childhood. It's like we finally realize that shit is hard in real life. We start worrying about things we've never worried about before, like trying to be accepted into society, or if we're going to get a job and live a nice life, etc etc. At least, that's what I worry about. I've been freaking out recently about how I don't know exactly what I want to do for a job. Now before you say "you still have all of high school to worry about that!", I want you to know that I don't. People who live by those words are the ones who are scrambling to figure everything out their senior year, and I certainly don't want to be with them.

And here's the shitty part; my grandmother keeps putting me down when I tell her what I want to do. For example, today I told her I wanted to go to law school maybe, and she told me that I'm not cut out for it because I don't have the attention span for it, and I'd be better off as a nurse or in the medical field. The thing is, I don't really want to go into the medical field because of my extreme fears of germs and blood. Seriously, I'm so freaked out by germs that I know practically every infection and disease in the book, along with how to take care of them. Yes, kind of creepy, but that's the life of me and my germaphobia I suppose.

Anyways, straying away from my worries and fears, lets talk about the good things. For one, I went to Hawaii right after school got out. I stayed for about 2 weeks in my friend's mom's condo over there. Her mom is fucking rich, I tell you! My friend is always going to Hawaii and Las Vegas, and this time she invited me and my little brother on their Hawaii trip. We had a blast there, and I was able to play a game called Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. Great game, but pretty fucked up. But I digress. The house we stayed in was a moderately sized one, but it had a fantastic view of the pacific. It was just gorgeous and breathtaking, I don't even think words can describe it! The sea fascinates me so much, and all of it's creatures are beautiful. I want to become a part of the sea when I die. I don't want to be reincarnated or go to Heaven, I just want my soul to be a part of the sea. But silly me for thinking such things could actually happen.

I've become a fan of Deep-Sea Prisoner's (aka mogeko) games! They have extremely nice art and lovely plot lines, along with the extremely fucked up parts of them. My favorite one so far is Wadanohara, but the next one would have to be the Gray Garden. I just love the Gray Garden's characters, especially the pre-incarnations of the main girls. WOW I mean Yosaflame is pretty smokin hot and so is Sherbet. Personally, I think they still make a great ship. And Rigatona is just woAH HOT.

Anyways, thats me! Hope you guys have a great summer!

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